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“For the executive branch, disclosures about key national security programs that involve the collection, storage, and dissemination of personal information —such as the operation of the National Counterterrorism Center —show that it is possible to describe secret practices and policies publicly without damage to national security or operational effectiveness.”
—David Medine Chairman, Privacy and Civil
Liberties Oversight Board
February 4, 2014
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"At NCTC, we sit in the middle of a Counterterrorism and Homeland Security enterprise that includes the federal government and all of our partners in Washington."
—The Hon. Nicholas J. Rasmussen, Director
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The documents below are being released to provide information on NCTC’s use of data. Posting these documents online is consistent with our ongoing transparency initiative—which includes the release of documents to the public as well as a series of privacy and civil liberty symposiums—to enhance our outreach and engagement with advocacy and faith-based groups, national security academics, and other members of the public.

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