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"Simply put, NCTC brings people—and information—
together in a way that did
not happen prior to
September 10, 2001."
Hon. Nicholas J. Rasmussen Director of NCTC
Strategic Intent
Goals and Objectives
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  • Protect the homeland and US interests around the world
  • Integrate across agencies
  • Motivated and prepared workforce
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"Fulfill our leadership role in the counterterrorism community"
1.1 Enhance strategic, tactical, and identities analysis using our access to foreign and domestic threat information and integrated data sets.
1.2 Strengthen the National Intelligence Manager— Counterterrorism role.
1.3 Advance government-wide counterterrorism planning, integration, coordination, and management.

"Ensure our domestic and foreign partners have access to terrorism information and analysis when they need it."
2.1 Strengthen NCTC’s relationship with federal partners.
2.2 Enhance NCTC’s foreign government counterterrorism.

"Attract, develop, and reward a highly skilled workforce."
3.1 Attract a highly qualified, diverse workforce with an array of backgrounds, skills, and experiences, leveraging expertise from across the intelligence community and the US Government.
3.2 Increase training and professional development opportunities to expand and deepen the expertise of the NCTC workforce.
3.3 Ensure personnel are recognized, rewarded, and given access to the developmental resources they need to succeed.

"Advance business practices to improve NCTC’s culture of collaboration, communication, and integrity."
4.1 Advance collaboration and integration across NCTC Directorates and Offices.
4.2 Improve processes to strengthen products and services to meet customer needs.
4.3 Enhance NCTC’s acquisition, sharing, and safeguarding of data in compliance with laws and policies designed to protect sensitive data.
4.4 Provide clear, consistent, and timely communications throughout NCTC.

"Enhance the use of information technology resources to strengthen NCTC’s core capabilities."
5.1 Deliver integrated information technology solutions that enable analytic production, seamless collaboration, and secure counterterrorism information sharing.
5.2 Implement and sustain a standards-based counterterrorism architecture and survivable infrastructure to drive efficiencies across the enterprise.
5.3 Define and implement transparent governance, acquisition management, and resource optimization processes to support evolving mission requirements.
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