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"Simply put, NCTC brings people—and information—
together in a way that did
not happen prior to
September 10, 2001."
Hon. Nicholas J. Rasmussen Director of NCTC
About Our Seal
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"The NCTC seal represents a united center engaged in the global war on terrorism."

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The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) was created to be a central clearinghouse for integrating and analyzing terrorism information. NCTC comprises people from its many partner agencies and is a center based on cooperation, collaboration, and partnership. The NCTC seal symbolizes this and, like the design of the great seal of the United States, represents a united center engaged in the global war on terrorism.

As in the Great Seal, in which the red and white stripes of the shield "represent the several states," the stripes of the NCTC seal represent the partner agencies that make up NCTC.

In the Great Seal, the stripes "…support a blue field (chief), which unites the whole and represents Congress." In the same manner, the partner agencies in NCTC are joined.

The colors are adopted from the American flag: "White signifies purity and innocence, red, hardiness and valor, and blue, the color of the Chief, vigilance, perseverance, and justice."

The shield, or escutcheon, is "borne on the breast of an American Eagle, without any other supporters, to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on their own Virtue."

The 15 stars encircling the globe represent the current members of the Intelligence Community.

The constellation of stars symbolizes an integrated Center for Counterterrorism, working to protect US interests.

The motto E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, One) emblazoned across the scroll and clenched in the eagle's beak, expresses the union of the Intelligence Community in the new NCTC.

The olive branch and the arrows denote both peace and war. These dual purposes are symbolic of NCTC as well, which provides intelligence to support the global war on terrorism, yet has as its goal the peace and security of the citizens of the United States.
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