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“For the executive branch, disclosures about key national security programs that involve the collection, storage, and dissemination of personal information —such as the operation of the National Counterterrorism Center —show that it is possible to describe secret practices and policies publicly without damage to national security or operational effectiveness.”
—David Medine Chairman, Privacy and Civil
Liberties Oversight Board
February 4, 2014
NCTC Products; Presidential Daily Brief, National Counterterrorism Bulletin, Situational Awareness Report, and Current
Our Products
  • bulletBomb Threat Stand-Off Distance Chart PDF Icon
    Threat descriptions, explosive capacities, building evacuation distances, and outdoor evacuation distances.
  • bulletIntelligence Guide For First Responders PDF Icon
    This Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group (ITACG) Intelligence Guide for First Responders is designed to assist state, local, tribal law enforcement, firefighting, homeland security, and appropriate private sector personnel in accessing and understanding Federal counterterrorism, homeland security, and weapons of mass destruction intelligence reporting.
  • bulletDaily Threat Reporting
    A daily accounting of threat reporting and actions taken.
  • bulletAnalytic Assessments
    Daily analytic products for senior USG officials and the broader CT Community on the full range of terrorist topics. Analysis also provides alternative views on terrorism issues.
  • bulletSituational Awareness Reports
    Situational awareness reports of terrorist threats, incidents, and reported plots worldwide.
  • bulletAlerts, Advisories, and Warnings
    Topics of interest that are widely disseminated to domestic and overseas operators and analysts.
  • bulletStrategic Operational Plans
    Integrated and synchronized across U.S. government agencies, describing specific objectives, department / agency roles and responsibilities, tasks, and activities for counterterrorism.
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