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"From the National Security Division at Justice…to [DHS] and the National Counterterrorism Center, we have created institutions where professionals sit and work together to better share their expertise.  So the idea that we could ever return to a pre-9/11 approach to CT is not only wrong, we’ve made it downright impossible."
Lisa Monaco Asst. to the President for HS & CT
November 19, 2013
Job Opportunities
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NCTC has rotational opportunities for current federal civilian personnel that are interested in working in a dynamic organization focused on leading the nation’s effort to combat terrorism at home and abroad.
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We have multiple career opportunities in the following occupational areas:
To Apply For Vacancies:
Click here for all open vacancies at NCTC and ODNI.

Note: For the majority of NCTC's vacancies, you must either be an internal ODNI employee or a current federal employee (detailee) to apply. Throughout the year, there will be some positions open to external hires. These positions will mainly be at the GS 8-10 entry level. Please check often to see if new opportunities have been posted.

IC Joint Duty
Current Federal Employees within the Intelligence Community
The Intelligence Community Joint Duty office has NCTC rotational opportunities listed under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
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