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The Rewards for Justice (RFJ) Program is one of the most valuable US Government assets in the fight against international terrorism. Established by the 1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism, Public Law 98-533, Rewards for Justice has developed into a global, interagency effort led by the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Under this program, the Secretary of State may offer rewards for information that prevents or favorably resolves acts of international terrorism against US persons or property worldwide. The Secretary may also offer rewards for information leading to the disruption of financial mechanisms of a foreign terrorist organization. Rewards of up to $25 million have been authorized for information leading to the capture of key al-Qa‘ida leaders.

The Rewards for Justice Program is very effective. Since the program’s inception, the United States has paid over $125 million to more than 80 people who provided information that prevented and/or led to the favorable resolution of acts of international terrorism.

Although RFJ provides strict confidentiality to all its sources, in certain instances RFJ has been able to publicize some of its success stories. For example, RFJ paid a $2 million reward for information that led US and Pakistani authorities to the location of Ramzi Yousef, an international terrorist who was convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Ten years later, on 3 July 2003, RFJ initiated an advertising campaign that was responsible for information that led US Armed Forces to Uday and Qusay Husayn, the sons of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Husayn. This campaign produced the fastest result in RFJ history—a turnaround of just 18 days. In that case, RFJ paid a reward of $30 million for information leading to the Husayn brothers’ location.

In June 2007, RFJ paid $10 million to Filipino citizens who provided information on the locations of Khadafi Janjalani and Abu Solaiman, Abu Sayyaf Group leaders. These men were involved in the kidnappings of Martin and Gracia Burnham, the murder of Guillermo Sobero, and attacks against the US Embassy in Manila.

RFJ is always interested in receiving proposals to add key terrorist leaders to its Most Wanted List and Web site—www.rewardsforjustice.net. Additionally, RFJ welcomes reward payment nominations from any US federal, state, or local Government agency on behalf of persons who have already provided information that has prevented or favorably resolved an act of international terrorism against US persons or property.

photo of ramzi ahmed yousef
photo of uday hussein
photo of qusay hussein
photo of abu solaiman
photo of khaddaffy janjalani
Ramzi Ahmed Yousef
Uday Husayn
Qusay Husayn
Abu Solaiman
Khaddaffi Janjalani
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